What This is About

This is my first attempt at a blog or in fact, anything like this at all. I am sure that many people can relate, but I regularly find myself down a very deep rabbit hole when I am browsing the internet. I always start off with something relevant, and by the end of the day, realise I would have been better off not knowing about some corners of the deep deep inter web.

In real life, I always find myself interested in pretty much anything, and like to talk about things that I have learnt, and listen to things that other people have to talk about. I find this very much enjoyable, and is the reason I have decided to start this blog of mine.

I am hoping that this blog won’t be restricted to any one field, and instead, be as haphazard as can be. Covering everything from a review of the great dumpling place down the road, to the latest global issues, and anything in between that I can find time to write about. I am not an expert in any field, which will become painfully obvious from the very first thing you read on here, but hopefully, I will be able to keep everything pretty relaxed and easy to follow. I hope to be able to share with you, some of the things that I have learnt, and am continuing to learn, and it would be great if you could teach me something along the way as well.



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